Trends Transforming of Waste Management Industry in 2021

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“Solid Waste tends to be evolutionary, not revolutionary, this year, however, there is nothing like a pandemic to shake up our thinking.” Michael E. Hoffman, Greenwich associate award winning and MD of Env Svcs & Waste at Stifel Financial Corp notes.


Michael E. Hoffman,

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Good news!! In 2021, the United States will continue to make their way in efforts to crush some of the country’s mounting trash problems. This will be accomplished through the implementation of cutting-edge technology and through a Never-before level of cooperation and coordination between recyclers, designers, packagers, manufacturers, businesses, municipalities, governments, and others.

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And following are the 10 Trends of transforming;

#1 Computer technology will be used in various ways to aid in waste management.

#2 Composting initiatives will take place along with more recycling programs.

#3 We will see plastic waste made into a high-quality resin that will replace the current greenhouse gas-emitting prime resin that is used in the plastic industry.

#4 Researchers will look at ways that waste can be converted to energy (WTE).

#5 The recycling industry will continue to put pressure on WTE projects.

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#6 Governments will continue to promote waste to energy (WTE) efforts.

#7 Municipalities and the government will be more involved in waste recycling, creating regulations for collecting and processing waste.

#9 Packaging will continue to change into recyclable forms.

#10 Waste management solutions will include thermal ones (incineration, pyrolysis, and gasification) in addition to biological ones among WTE options.

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