143 years of Accumulated trust in Recycling industry.


The things we can do to nurture for future of the earth,
DAIWA SHIRYO GROUP aim at the new stage.

for Recovered Paper and Pulps in Asia
with Japan based knowledge.
We are 1st Japanese Recovered paper specialist company in Bangkok.

Collect used paper and create the new resources.
Protect a limited forest resource by a ring of limitless recycling

DAIWA SHIRYO which was founded in 1876, had sorted a Japanese paper according to color and production area and to recycle until World War II.
After the war, species and quantity of the paper which we handled increased drastically with demand expansion of western paper.
In such situation, DAIWA SHIRYO put an important point for the sorting operation continuously, and has contributed to recycling method aiming at uniform improvement of the quality.
A quality-oriented recycling is of great helps to forest conservation, and also convinced that we contribute to the global environment conservation.

We are focused on globalization of the waste paper wholesale business, and make a strong effort to export business for China and South-eastern Asia.
During recent years, each country recognizes that the Japanese waste paper has good quality,
So we’ll make more effort to international trading in future.