"Seeking for Next Possibility in Asia Region."

Seeking for a base to make the next 100 years history 

What is the reason that we retained so far from 1876?

It's because we provide maximum satisfaction for our customers 
and we got the customer's trust.

The needs of the customer also changes with a substitute 
for shift of time. In the character of the product of waste paper, 
we each understands ideas on morals, ethics view, 
a sense of justice definitely and we can win customer's enhanced confidence by practicing those things.

We will make this way of thinking a basic concept in future, 
and classify the development from recycling business to allied industry into the field of vision. 

Company’s motto 

1. We value the trust of the company, and provide an article or service satisfactory for a client.

2. We respect each other and cooperate, and plan development of the company business.

​3. We try for technical improvement and ingenious attempts and effort. 


Import & Export raw material for paper production and paper products. (Especially waste paper)

  • Executive:             Mr. Tokumasa Yagura / CEO
  • Established:          February, 2017
  • Capital Fund:        30 million baht (About 980,000 USD)
  • Main Bank:           Mizuho Bank Ltd. Bangkok Branch / Bangkok Bank Ltd. Silom Branch
  • Main Customers:     Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. / Tenma Paper Mill (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
                                       Thai Product Paper Mill Co., Ltd.


Sales of sorting and processing waste paper, Production and sales of recycled pulp (AGP) ,Sales of imported waste paper, Dissolution process of classified documents, Purchase and sale of other recyclable resources, Disposal of industrial waste / General waste disposal


  • Executive:             Mr. Yoshihiro Yagura (Chairman) / Mr.Nobuyuki Shiose (President)
  • Initiation:               November, 1876
  • Established:          June 6, 1949
  • Capital Fund:        99 million yen (About 920,000 USD)
  • Number of Employees: 200 (Male 160 / Female 40)
  • Main Bank:           Shoko Chukin Bank Senba branch / Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Shinsaibashi branch