Change the (cardboard) boxes to the beds

Nowadays, due to COVID-19 situation in Thailand, more and more people are infected and require treatment. As a result, the hospital’s resources may not be sufficient to support the public. Lotus has partnered with SCGP (SCG Packaging) to accept donations for unused boxes, cardboard boxes, or parcel boxes. You can donate them at the Lotus pickup point, all branches of Hypermarkets, Central Department Stores, private and government organizations. They are be used for producing field beds for field hospitals. It is an idea of the circular economy and it is adapted to the current situation. The donated cardboard is 100% recycled that are also environmental friendly.


SCGP has designed SCGP Paper Field Hospital Bed made from recycled paper. It is able to support a horizontal weight of up to 100 kg and can be installed within 8 minutes without glue or accessories in order to facilitate the use of personnel, convenient transportation, and lightweight. Moreover, it can be used up to 3 months without exposure to water. This field beds for infected people can be circulated. After the no patients use, the field beds will be sent for disposal as infectious waste.