Top 3 Thailand’s most wanted waste paper

     Since 2019, Thailand became a Popular logistics point in South-East Asia yet challenge to towards “21th-Century Global Logistics and Trading Hub of ASEAN”. Of which, Thailand government has signed with China in participating “One Belt and One Road” strategy to expand its investments via “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “Maritime Silk Road” starting from ASEAN and connecting to South Asia, Central Asia and west to Europe. That’s made Thailand shinning more as the More attractive investing spot, especially for the Start-Up industry or Supply chain business. Meanwhile, from those drastically growth could reflect into more packaging and transportation related stuffs can lead to massive quantity of scraps even waste papers to deal with. However, for optimism, we could also see lots of them turn into benefits.

Picture: One Belt, One Road
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     Let’s see what are the possibilities in the ocean of recovered paper here. Well, when it comes to Waste papers in Thailand’s scrap and garbage market which can be classified into many grades based on the PS-2018 standard of USA that Daiwa Shiryo Trading use as principle rule.

     In fact, the Most wanted papers can be separated to 2 categories as follows for selling to recycling yards, paper mills and pulp mills.

Most wanted by Importing items

1. OCC 95/5      (Origin: EU, USA or Canada, Japan, Korea, AUS and more)

2. Mixed paper  (Origin: EU, AUS, USA, Japan, Middle-East, and more)

3. OCC 98/2      (Origin: EU, Korea, Middle-East and more)

Others are ONP#8 or OINP#9, shredded paper and etc.

Most wanted by Domestic collection

1. OCC 98/2 (nearly)

2. Black and white (Thailand original grade in between grade of SOP & SWL)

3. Mixed paper

The rest are ONP#8, Art paper, Kraft paper roll, Green read and etc.

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