Daiwa Shiryo Paper Recycling ECO-POST

What is "Paper Recycling ECO-POST"?

   Eco-Post was named by Daiwa Shiryo’s for the station of recyclable waste collecting point. Mainly aim to collect old newspaper, magazine, corrugated containers (OCC) or even beverage cans where you can dispose them with free of charge.

   Since it can be used freely without charges at any time which allowed everyone to be not disturbed by various restrictions such as reduction of collection time and places. You can dispose waste paper more easily here, also with a parking lot providing.

Why is “Paper Recycling Eco-Post”?

   Paper recycling Eco-Post has many benefits for people who live nearby. They can leave their waste any time when needed. Normally, in Japan, each type of waste has a specific collecting day, for example, paper waste will be collected on every Monday. At present, Many Households no need to wait until the specified day, they can bring them to our Eco-Post directly whenever they want to. Eco-Post was designed to support even a large number of paper waste.

Accepted Materials

Basically, any “paper” is accepted.
Some Eco-Post stations are also accepting the aluminum cans and steel cans.
But we do not accept clothes, used-clothes, Styrofoam and plastic.

Crime and Fire prevention measure

   Eco-Post located in the city with excellent transportation access. Therefore, we provide service as part of the local function.

   We have installed CCTV and automatic fire extinguishers for crime and fire prevention.

   No worries even there is no staff standby at the site.

   Everyone would know that the honesty of Japanese people is so high, when someone lost his wallet or mobile phone somewhere, above 90% it will be returned. Here, you would have a question of why we needed to install the CCTV at Eco-Post. Of course, waste material has its values due to it can be changed into money. Robbery rarely occurs but it does not mean it will never happen.

   For those reasons’ equipped CCTV will detect the suspect and reported to the Police station in case of waste paper material has been robbed. Because we believe in the motto of “Better prevent than cure”.