Our activities towards SDGs

Daiwa Shiryo’s group works with an Environmental Motto, “We will work to maintain and preserve the sustainable better world for the future and the global environment”.
We enable following sustainable development actions, in order to take part in this international goal for a sustainable and better world by 2030, and pledges to “leave no one behind”. 
Environmental Policy of Daiwa Shiryo’s group [English] and [Japanese]

                                                                                            Image by Daiwa Shiryo Co., Ltd.

Introduction of Clean energy (SDGs #7 #13)
In December 2022, we completed the conversion to 100% renewable energy for low-voltage and high-voltage electricity at all waste paper divisions in Japan. We will continue to utilize clean energy, strive to reduce CO2 emissions, and contribute to environmental conservation.

Accounting for supply chain emissions (SDGs #11 #12 #13)
We will action the carbon dioxide emissions related to all our business activities and strive to reduce emissions.
[Our greenhouse gas emissions (FY2021)]
Scope 1 (direct emissions): 2,349t-CO2e
Scope2 (indirect emissions): 2,046t-CO2e
Scope 3 (Other indirect emissions): 197,130t-CO2e

FSC®︎ certified (SDGs #9 #12 #15)
FSC® certification is an international certification system for promoting proper forest management that is appropriate from the point of view of environmental conservation, socially beneficial, and economically sustainable. By acquiring FSC certification, the Takatsuki Division will work together to build a recycling loop for FSC-certified paper products and work to promote a sustainable society.

Closed recycling (SDGs #12 #13 #15 #17)
In the loop where old catalogs collected by ASKUL Corporation are used as raw materials and paper bags [Come bags] are recycled as new products, we are involved in the process of collecting waste paper and manufacturing waste paper pulp, contributing to resource recycling.

                                                                              Image by ASKUL

Participation in local activities (SDGs #4 #9 #11 #12 #15)
As a local manufacturing company, we participate in the “Taisho Monozukuri Festa (workshop)” held by the local Taisho Ward Office in Osaka City from the planning stage, exhibiting a paper-making experience booth and other activities to raise awareness of recycling among children and everyone in the community.

Local safety donation activity (SDGs #3 #11 #12 #15)
For the safety of local children at the Osaka head office, with the cooperation of local companies in Taisho-ku, Osaka,
Donate 1 yen for every 1 kg of recovered waste paper to the city of Osaka to protect the safety of local children. It is used for the activity funds of “Children’s Watch Team” and “Children’s 110 Emergency Call”.

Wheelchair donation project (SDGs #3 #11 #12 #15)
At the Osaka head office, we ask for locals cooperation in recycling waste paper generated at the facilities of welfare-related business operators in Taisho Ward by the door-to-door collection method. Daiwa Shiryo’s pools a portion of the sales of used paper collected from each welfare facility as funds for purchasing wheelchairs, and as soon as a certain amount is accumulated, wheelchairs will be donated in return.

Factory tour/work experience (SDGs #4 #9 #11 #15)
At our head office in Taisho-ku, Osaka, we offer factory tours and workplace experience for local residents such as women’s associations and students.
In the factory tour and workplace experience, you can actually see the flow of used paper recycling and experience recycling first-hand. We also have a paper making experience using used milk cartons, and give out the finished postcards as present.

ECO-POST (SDGs #11 #12 #15)
This is a facility that accepts and collects used paper such as old newspapers, old magazines, cardboard boxes, and empty cans discharged from general households and companies free of charge. Since it can be used at any time for free, it is possible to lower the hurdles of used paper collection which has been restricted by various rules such as acceptance time and place, and contribute to used paper recycling more easily.

Environmental management system (SDGs #11 #12 #13 #14 #15)
Since 2007, Daiwa Shiryo’s has continuously received the “Eco Action 21 certification”. We have built an environmental management system and are working on environmental activities such as reducing CO2 emissions, suppressing waste generation, reducing water usage, and saving resources.

The Official SDGs website https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/

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