Knowing the Carbon Credit trading

Since the previous episode, we left at the 2 groups of Carbon Credit Market, (1) Official Marketing Group and (2) Voluntary Marketing Group.

(1) Official Marketing Group

Established and enforced by law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to support carbon trading, such as Japan started in 2013 and EU member states (Germany, France, etc.) started in 2018.

 (2) Voluntary Marketing Group

Created through cooperation of agencies or organizations advocating for voluntary carbon trading, such as the United States started in 2012 and Thailand started in 2021.

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At this time, the rate of carbon credit calculation of each country the carbon credit market is currently in the process of acquiring an agreement to determine a future compatible benchmark. Its mechanism similar to the stock market that currently trades various currencies.

Refer to the World Bank report, it stated that global carbon trading in 2019 was worth $33 billion, Soared to USD 11 billion Within just two years from 2016 at a value of USD 22 billion.

For Thailand, there is an agency that directly deals with carbon credits, named “Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization)” or “TGO” is an agency under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, serves as a carbon credit information hub, academic information support, certify the Carbon Credit Trading, coordinate with domestic and international organizations to facilitate activities in buying-selling carbon credits.Image by

In June 2021, Thailand has established “Carbon Markets Club”, the Voluntary Marketing Group mentioned above which received the support from TGO’s as Thailand’s first official carbon trading, with 2,564 tons of CO2 being traded. This is equivalent to planting 1,491 rai (2,385,600 sqm) of trees. Proceeds from the sale of carbon credits from this project will be used for further environmental economic activities.

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For any organization or anyone interested in asking for details or want to join the club to save the world greenhouse gas, contact for more details at

Next, Thailand Carbon Credit Exchange Platform namely RE100 Thailand Club”,
a central platform for buying-selling Green Carbon, the country’s main platform for purchasing or exchanging carbon credits. This establishment on July 6, 2021 of RE100 Thailand Club aimed to drive Thailand industry towards using renewable energy and replace the old power that pollutes the world.

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