Introduction of 3 Eco-Friendly Applications in Thailand

Environmental issues are widely discussed in modern activities, online material, and new technologies. Another convenient option for us to protect the environment right now is by using a smartphone application.

DST would like to suggest three environmentally friendly applications that bring people and the environment closer together.

Mr. Pipat Apirakthanakorn and Ms. Siraphan Wattanachinda, who have been working on environmental issues for over ten years, have created an application. They have come to develop applications for reducing single-use plastic waste, to which people all over the world have begun to pay attention. He stated that the application would act as a middleman between merchants and consumers in order to reduce plastic waste at the source. The application’s operation begins with you refusing plastic bags from stores. The users will be given the right to scan the QR Code to develop cute characters in the application and expand the game area. Furthermore, the accumulated points can be used as discounts or exchanged for free gifts in real life. It makes caring for the environment more enjoyable.


A waste management application developed by a well-known waste and environmental knowledge page, “Uncle Saleng and the Lost Garbage,” (ลุงซาเล้งกับขยะที่หายไป) which incorporates waste separation knowledge into a smartphone application. It facilitates waste sorting and allows for more accurate waste separation. Eliminate the problem for anyone who frequently wonders what kind of waste we are transporting. How do you separate? When separated, must it be discarded or given to someone? These features can provide answers to such questions; by simply scanning the waste’s barcode, the application will tell us about the product composition and the next step in waste classification. You can also add information about garbage that is not already in the application. Download Green2Get and install it, regardless of which piece of garbage is correctly sorted.

Inside the application, users can see the statistics for reducing CO2, waste, and so on. Moreover, users can also collect points to exchange for rewards or donations.


This application that assists in the discovery of products and services from eco-friendly hotels in the theme of “24 Hours Eco Life,” with the ability to redeem various benefits in participating stores and hotels. By not receiving bags or bringing your own glass of water, you can earn points in the application by uploading the receipt. You can also find low-cost items by searching for promotions from participating retailers. Every month, there is also the opportunity to win great prizes through the Lucky Draw. It can be said that using the GREEN CARD app will provide you with a lot of value while also allowing you to help the environment.

These applications can be downloaded for both iOS and Android operating systems to meet the needs of everyone who is interested in the environment. Let this matter become closer to you, and be able to start concerning yourself with our environment every day.