5 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

It becomes the last month of the year. Many people are looking for the gifts for New Year celebration. In this article, we would like to offer ten ideas for eco-friendly gift wrapping as follows;

1. Old calendar

The calendar can be used as a gift wrapping. You may see the very beautiful pictures printed on the calendars. After a year passed, the calendar always the waste paper. You can pick the nice one and decorates it with a ribbon as you can see bellows;

eco gift_1

2. Reusable wrapping bags

You can use the plastic bags for wrapping gifts. These bags can be reused to as the wrapping or shoving the cute stuffs again and again.

eco gift_2

3. Reusable Fabric Wrap

A Japanese style gift wrapping is to use the fabric. It is called Furoshiki. Furoshiki is increasingly popular with cultures around the world as it has transformed the art of gift-giving. This is the good idea to wrap the gifts because you can reuse the Furoshiki many times. It means no waste for wrapping.

eco gift_3
  1. Shredded paper

The shredded paper from the packing, gift baskets, shipping, and lining delicate or heavy items can be used as the decoration for wrapping the gifts. This shredded paper is suitable for the transparent wrapping gift. You can see the idea as the pictures below;

5. Kraft paper

The kraft bags are the great idea for reusing them as the wrapping gifts. There are many verities of printed pattern on the kraft bags. You can select the one that you love and cut it for using as gift wrapping.

eco gift_5

These are some ideas for wrapping the gifts with eco-friendly material for the coming New Year. You can select the ideas that you like. By using recycled or reused stuff, we can help and save the world. It is because the carbon emission during the production process is reduced.

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