What are the important issues for pulp and paper warehouse storage?

  1. Location: The location of the warehouse should be located near the ports and main road which are easy for transportation. In addition, the warehouse area should not be located in the floodplain area. Public utilities are easily accessible, too.
  2. Building: The structure of the building should be constructed strongly. It should be completely protected the pulp and paper from the unpredictable weather.
  3. Reception/Dispatch: At the beginning and end of the goods process, the weight scale and the reception station must have in order to record the quantity of the goods and the enter weight before loading and unloading.
  4. Floor: The floor should be strong and is able to support the heavy weight of pulp and paper. Moreover, the floor must be elevated higher than the ground level in order to prevent flooding and effective drainage. The floor should be made from concrete which is easy to clean and prevent the dust from adhering to the floor.
  5. Loading ramps: The ramps must be strong enough to bear the forklifts and the goods. The width of the ramps should have adequate area for movement of the forklifts. The ratio of 1:12 sloped ramp is the maximum slope allowed by ADA codes.
  6. Aisles: The aisles must be wide enough for lifting, loading, and returning of the forklifts. The aisles should minimize the curve as much as possible in order to get rid of the danger during operating. If possible, the passageways are required to reduce the risk of bumping with the vehicles.
  7. Lighting: Sufficient lighting should be prepared with a minimum illumination of 200 lux. To save on the electricity cost, the LED tubes should be used instead of fluorescent tube lamps or the skylight should be installed in order to allow the sunlight to shine through during the daytime. By the way, if the product, such as newsprint, is quite sensitive to the sunlight, the canvas should be used to cover it.
  8. Fire Safety: Sprinkle systems and smoke detectors should be installed on the roof. The fire extinguishers should be provided inside and around the warehouse where is no obstruction and easy to grab when the emergency comes up. The “No Smoking” sign should be displayed inside and around the warehouse, too. Moreover, the smoking area should be provided and the sign must dominantly adhere to the smoking area.

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Pulp and paper are moisture-sensitive products and must be stored properly to avoid mold, changing the color or deterioration resulting in cheapen. The pulp and paper are able to be fuel sources for fire. Storage must be controlled and careful.

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