There are the reasons why FSC label becomes important for people and forest

What is FSC?

FSC is a Forest Stewardship Council™, which is a non-profit organization. This organization has promoted his main job by responsibility for the improvement of forest management and market transformation.

What is FSC COC?

COC stands for Chain Of Custody which is the basis for obtaining a certificate of the production process. This system is a FSC-FM certified timber product in the manufacturing process and it must be able to trace back the source of the raw materials. In addition, it can be verified at different stages from the beginning of the process until the pulp production, paper product, and transportation to the consumers. In case that paper mill business uses pulp as the raw materials, the source of wood used to make pulp must be FSC-FM certified in order to produce FSC paper. The product may not be 100% FSC component, but it may contain other ingredients which can be certified as FSC MIX.

What is FSC label?

I believed that many people have ever seen about FSC label before when you are looking for a ream of A4 paper, tissue, milk carton, etc. FSC label always show on the product that made from wood such as printing paper, food container, construction material and so on. If you can see the FSC label on that products, it means that these products are from the forests where have the good management and harvesting activities. The example of the products that have the FCS labels are shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1 FSC labels on various products

Daiwa Shiryo Co. Ltd., Japan has been certified by FSC with the license code of FSC-C140900. Based on the standard code of FSC-STD-40-007, it is intended to complement the set of FSC Chain of Custody standards for those cases where organizations want to source non-certified reclaimed materials for use in an FSC-certified product [1].

Fig. 2 Daiwa Shiryo Japan FSC Certificate

Therefore, the product from Daiwa Shiryo Japan, which is pulp from recovered paper, is also produced from the raw materials that have FSC certification as shown in Fig. 2. The pulps from recovered paper are made from the confidential documents, long fiber papers, milk cartons, and cardboards. You can see the recycled pulp production process in the previous article as follows;

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