Recycled plastic parking slabs

Purple Alternative Surface from Franch has launched recycled plastic parking slabs, named Purple Solo. These tiles are unique from others because they allow rainwater to permeate.  The PURPLE SOLO tile is easy to install, robust, and friendly for the environment. It saves earthworks, reduces the volume of granular inputs, allows the infiltration of rainwater, and can be easily dismantled, too. The hollow plates can hold 40 liters of water per square meter, which is gradually released back to the ground.

Purple Alternative Surface is dealing with waste collection centers in order to receive rigid plastic wastes such as toys, baskets, Tupperware, containers, boxes, gallons, watering cans, and so on. This plastic waste may contain some metals, which require a complex process for separation and disposal. It is because they require a high cost but Purple Alternative Surface is welcome for all solid plastic wastes.

The method is to grind the plastics to fine particles and melt them. After that pour it into the mold in order to construct the slabs. A slab is 5 kg, so there is no problem paving for a car park.

The advantages consist of

  • Ease for drainage.
  • Easy disassembly and reassembly.
  • The possibility of making perfectly flat facilities.
  • 100% recyclable at end of life.
  • Anti-slip.
  • 30 years of lifetime.

Moreover, if the customers have a problem after buying such as it being broken, the customers can return to Purple Alternative Surface. They will recycle the new slabs again. Due to this company’s support of the SDGs, orders from clients who are becoming aware of sustainable development are currently being held in line until 2024.