Recycle Day – New application that turns your waste to money

This month our article would like to introduce the application for the people who concern the environment friendly in Thailand. Recycle Day is an appointment service system for picking up recycled waste and notifies the collection of garbage and other leftovers for every family via smartphone. The purpose of this application is to promote waste separation and service the users with confidence, safe, and highest return.  

Why choose Recycle Day?

Because Recycle Day has great support for the users as follows;

  1. There is a schedule for picking up recycled waste to go into the village every day. The customers are able to check the schedule through the application that the truck will go to our village on any date and time.
  2. In case of there is no schedule of the truck to go into your village, you can call or notify your wish that you want the truck to pick up the recycled wastes. Recycle Day team will arrange a schedule to go to your village immediately.
  3. Recycle Day has a team to check price in order to get the standard and suitable price for buyers. The seller also can get the full benefit.
  4. There is the notification system via Recycle Day to remind you. So, you will not miss the purchase schedule.
  5. In addition, you can receive the points to exchange for many rewards.
  6. You can ask for further information at any time during business hours. Recycle Day has an experienced team that can answer your questions at any time.

Moreover, Recycle Day has installed the drive through for dropping point at Central Eastville, car park, G floor during 10.00 am. – 8.00 pm. At that place, Recycle Day provides a team to service and give the sugesstion for users or you can by weight the recycled waste and then treansfer to the points.