5 eco-friendly fashion brands for the modern fashionistas

Five eco-friendly fashion brands for the new era that do not hurt animals and do not destroy the environment. New fashion enthusiasts are concerned about the CO2 emissions during the production process and would like to support clothes from fashion brands that are environmentally friendly.


FREITAG is one of the most famous bag brands from Switzerland that is definitely well-known and has become a favorite brand of awesome bags due to its cool design for many Thai teenagers. The bags from this brand are produced from entirely recycled materials making the brand eco-friendly and awesome.

Whether it is a canvas bag made of canvas covering the truck. Nylon webbing is made from leftover car seat belt straps. A rubber sheet on the edge of the bag is the stuffing inside a bicycle wheel. The uniqueness of the brand is that every product has never looked similar to another because it’s made from recycled materials. Every piece will never look the same!


Pomelo is coordinating with the brands; Toms, Mad Matter, V Activewear, The Book Club, and other suppliers that are concerning the environment. Moreover, Pomelo has also partnered with Grounded Packaging, a global designer platform, and presented a packaging production method that meets every consumer’s needs. Pomelo has launched 100% degradation packaging that significantly reduced waste in January 2021. Pomelo has also begun using FSC-certified recycled paper, along with designing different labels in the shop to be able to use repeatedly and reduce packaging waste.


ECOALF can’t stand the erosion of the environment. A new Spanish fashion brand, ECOALF, was born by recycling a lot of the world’s plastic waste, such as PET bottles, fishing nets, old tires, and other waste materials. It is 100 % recycled into clothes and products that are eco-friendly, but they are on trend like┬ácoming off the runway.


Zero Waste Daniel products are made out of 100% unused fabric from cutting room scraps, design room waste, and leftover materials. Normally, the remnant of cloth would be sent to landfills or incinerated, but ZWDs are all created using special techniques that can do anything without leaving any remnant left behind. If there are pieces of cloth leftover, ZWDs will be used in other projects. For example, it can be used to decorate other clothes, sew them into a rug, or other items. It’s a really cool idea.


Thai brands are also moving forward into being a brand that is environmentally friendly as well. Nanyang brand, which is making sneakers, is popular with Thai teenagers, too. Nanyang launches a new product which is sandals. They are made from the waste from the sea with the name of Chang Dao, model Khya. Nanyang believes that fashion lovers can mix and match the Chang Dao sandals with the look of their clothes in a chic way.


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