5 eco-friendly brands with a sustainable environmental approach

Today, we have compiled 5 well-known eco-friendly brands that we are familiar with in daily life for everyone to see each brand’s environmental guidelines. So that you can play a part in caring for our planet by purchasing products from these brands, let’s go and see!



Apple has committed to be carbon neutral by 2030. Every Apple product will be made from clean energy. Apple also uses more recycled and renewable materials because the world can’t wait and so can we. Apple uses more recycled materials in its products and has continued to introduce 100 percent recycled aluminum in the enclosures of Apple products. Moreover, the Apple Trade-In program, available in 25 countries, provides customers with product end-of-life options — they can access the value of their current device if they upgrade to a newer model or trade in their device for free.


Today, 60% of the materials we use are renewable and 10% recycled. By 2030, all of our materials will be renewable and recycled. Makes it easier than ever to choose good quality home furnishings that are affordable and sustainable.

In 2020, the wooden furniture that IKEA selects to produce from sustainable sources. and has passed FSC standards or has been recycled.


“Inthanin” reinforces the leadership Thai brand with a green heart with premium quality Thai coffee Ready to highlight the strength of ECO BRAND that is friendly to the environment moving forward to change the lid, refrain from using straws, and replace the take-away hot menu glass It’s a bio cup (Bio PBS), according to the cold menu glass style. Produced from 100% plants, biodegradable within 180 days, hoping to raise awareness of saving the world among the new generation. To take part in caring for society and the environment, believing that a clear standpoint will strengthen the Inthanin brand as the leader in the Thai ECO BRAND market.


The concept and policy of RUK are to use plastic as the main material of the mat. It is because the characteristics of plastic are strength, durability, lightweight, and versatility. Therefore, plastic is the main component of the company’s products and has been designed and developed into many other products, including household items and home furnishings. Most people are concerned about the effects of plastic on the environment. That is why RUK commits to overseeing both manufacturing processes and product design to make the raw materials more renewable resources and reduce the use of new plastics made from fossil fuels by trying to use recycled plastics and/or renewable raw materials as much as possible in the product development process. By 2030, RUK wants to recycle at least 50% of the plastic in its goods, turning it into new recyclable or renewable resources. Today, more than 90% of RUK’s products are made from recycled or renewable plastic. RUK is committed to collaborating with the organization to decrease waste and recycle the use of raw materials in the manufacturing process.


Innisfree is using more recycled plastics and lowering the consumption of new plastic. Innisfree is using more recyclable and reusable packaging, making the environment more pleasant. Since 2003, Innisfree has been running a “Bottle Recycling Campaign” with the goal of increasing the usage of recycled plastic while reducing the use of virgin plastic.

This beauty brand makes a commitment to reduce our environmental impact as an environmentally responsible company.


Many brands throughout the world are adapting and discovering new strategies to be more sustainable. If you would like to help the world by caring for the environment, select brands that are eco-friendly.


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